We've Uncovered A
Data-Driven Approach 
To Dental Practice Growth

Learn how to build a profitable, simple, and sustainable dental practice using data that actually matters.

This book outlines the fastest and most predictable way we know how to grow dental practices by an average of 37% in under 12 months.

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From the desk of Dr. George Hariri:

I'm the Co-Founder and Chief Financial/Innovation Officer of Shared Practices, a dental consulting group helping hundreds of dentists buy and scale private practices.

Over the past 6 years, our team has grown dozens of practices and helped thousands of other dentists do the same by diving deep into their practices and seeing exactly what worked and what was impossible to grow.

Through my journey as a practice owner, I discovered the blueprint to growing a private practice the right way that any future and current practice owner can use to achieve the same results I have (and greater).

My 180-page book outlines the Analytics-Based Practice Management philosophy in an easy-to-understand way while providing actionable solutions for growth. 

This is your opportunity to get both the physical and digital copies of this book.

Whether you're a dental student, associate dentist, or current practice owner with a new, growing, or mature prac practice, this book will help you build a healthy business from your true passion and grow it in alignment with your values without getting burnt out (or stressing you out). 

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Inside your copy of Dental Moneyball

1 Chapter #1: Industry Standards How using a cookie-cutter approach is an example of poor decision-making and how more growth and better results do not require more effort.

2 Chapter #2: Analytics-Based Mindset How growth occurs through compounding and the four critical principles to practice development.

3 Chapter #3: Practice Management How you can implement a repeatable process to improve clarity, ease, and focus that impacts your work-life harmony. 

4 Chapter #4: Patient Retention How to make the single most impactful change to your practice's growth and utilize Hygiene openings, unlike the traditional methods, have taught you.

5 Chapter #5: Treatment Retention How a team-led approach can improve hourly production and guarantee short and long-term growth.

6 Chapter #6: Revenue Retention How to properly manage overhead and get to profitability as fast as possible.

7 Chapter #7: Practice Avatar Roadmap How to ensure your practice is profitable, simple to execute, and sustainable to operate.

8 Chapter #8: Team Infrastructure How to develop your operational system and manage a team. (even for the dentists who aren't natural leaders).

9 Chapter #9: Case Studies Perhaps the most impactful section of the book. It will show you the roadmap to the outcome you want.

Backed by 25+ years of business and dental practice research, proven systems, and a thriving community

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Can this book help me grow my practice?

"I cannot recommend Shared Practices higher for new practice owners. I purchased a thriving practice 2 years out of school and they helped with the transition, maintaining a strong culture. Now we've added an associate and increased annualized production by $900,000 within a year. The SP team helped me implement structure, work towards my personal vision and were emotionally intelligent and worked well guiding my team and me through the process. Thank you so much!"

- Dr. Isaac Hanset


"I acquired a $30k/m practice 6 months ago and we doubled our revenue within 6m. At the moment, I work clinically 2 days a week, provide staff training for 1 day a week and my wife/associate dentist works another 2 days a week, Shared Practices helped me build a sustainable system and promoted growth in my practice."

- Dr. Hiep Pham


"I’m a recent grad and in my first year of practice ownership. Working with Shared Practices has been one of the keys in the success I’ve been able to obtain so far and has given me a great strategic road map going forward. Having someone on your side, with the same mindset as you, is invaluable."

- Dr. Jeremy Morgan


Who should read this book?

ūüϧ Dental Practice Owners

- Learn the process to grow your practice based on your ideal practice model.

- Understand your practice as a business at a higher level to avoid wasting years testing theories.

- Ensure you're executing the most effective growth strategies in your practice.

If you're looking for a profitable, simple, and sustainable way to build your career, this book is for you.

ūüϧ Associate Dentists¬†

- Prepare for your first practice acquisition and uncover what it takes to be a successful practice owner.

- Learn the 5 practice avatars to pinpoint your ideal model so you are ready on day one of ownership.

- Learn how to assemble and lead a powerful team. 

ūüϧ Dental Students

- Gain insight to prepare for what practice ownership is like.

- Develop your career vision early to avoid searching for the wrong opportunities.

- Learn the leadership skills required to be successful as a business owner.

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180 pages with actionable advice and no fluff.

Paperback + eBook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Moneyball will show you everything that I've told you about on this page and more.

You will not find these lessons anywhere else. 


How long will my print copy take to arrive? How much does shipping cost?

Your shipping costs and estimated delivery time will be available to you at checkout.

How much time will it take for me to read the book?

The book has 180 pages, so it will take about two to three hours to read. This book is self-published, so it doesn't have a page count minimum set by a publisher. I value your time, so I worked hard to keep the noise-to-signal ratio high to make sure you can finish it over a weekend.

Do you provide bulk pricing?

Yes. If you're buying more than three copies for your team, students, event attendees, etc, reach out to our team for bulk pricing cost here.

Can I have a 1:1 session with your team about implementing any of the strategies in the book?

Yes. We do 1:1 sessions which you can book here. After booking the session, our team will give you a call to learn more about where you are in your journey.

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