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Onboard And Train New Team
Members Faster, And Keep
Them Longer.

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  • Team Management Power Planner

  • Onboarding and Training Manual

  • Hired and Handled Guide


Bonus #1 - Fillable Employment Contracts

Bonus #2 - Performance Review Template

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Dental Moneyball - Power Bundle

Here's What You're Getting:

  • Physical Copy of Dental Moneyball

  • Digital copy of Dental Moneyball

    • PDF, EPUB, Kindle

What People Are Saying:

I acquired a $30k/m practice 6 months ago and we doubled our revenue within 6m. At the moment, I work clinically 2 days a week, provide staff training for 1 day a week and my wife/associate dentist works another 2 days a week, Shared Practices helped me build a sustainable system and promoted growth in my practice.

Dr. Hiep Pham

I’ve been a long time Shared Practices listener. I’m using them for my practice purchase and can only say wonderful things. George’s book makes things so simple and digestible and makes you feel like you can definitely grow whatever practice you’re in. Quick read- worth every page.

Dr. Susan McKey

I just want to say thank you! I am sitting on the beach in NC next to my wife reflecting on our crazy awesome life and feeling thankful. I am reading Dental Moneyball and reminiscing on how much impact your influence, podcasts, resources and voices have had on our lives. We were 2020 grads so my wife and I started listening to SPP in 2016, D1 year, and have been avid consumers since. We purchased the first version out Ownership Accelerator in dental school, my wife used SP services for due diligence in her practice purchase and she did coaching with Danielle for her first year. She went from ~670k to ~1.3M during that time frame, had twins, and onboarded an amazing associate! 2x baby! The encouragement to continue to grow while she was pregnant was from the SP team. We refer tons of people to you. I love to listen to the Billion Dollar podcast and ask questions about my dream to start a DSO like you all have.

Dr. Mary Margaret Vaughn

I’m a recent grad and in my first year of practice ownership. Working with Shared Practices has been one of the keys in the success I’ve been able to obtain so far and has given me a great strategic road map going forward. Having someone on your side, with the same mindset as you, is invaluable.

Dr. Jeremy Morgan

"I cannot recommend Shared Practices higher for new practice owners. I purchased a thriving practice 2 years out of school and they helped with the transition, maintaining a strong culture. Now we've added an associate and increased annualized production by $900,000 within a year. The SP team helped me implement structure, work towards my personal vision and were emotionally intelligent and worked well guiding my team and me through the process. Thank you so much!"

Dr. Isaac Hanset

I discovered Shared Practices through their podcast. I became intrigued by their practice philosophies because they used an objective, numbers-based approach to see where we could improve our practice. Their tools and coaching have helped lay the road map to fulfill the vision of our practice. Having Shared Practices by my side has helped me have the confidence and other tools necessary to continue growing our practice in the right direction.

Dr. Graham Beard